Robotics Analytics @ Target

One important part of a retailer is their supply chain network. In order to sell a product in our stores, or online at, we need to have a well run and maintained network to move all of those products from one place to another. It may not sound like a complex problem to ship products from a distribution center to a store, but as soon as you start to have multiple vendors with multiple stores (not to mention online orders that go directly to a guest’s home) it becomes increasingly complex. Retailers get products from companies, referred to as...

Outage Resolution Through Automation

Recently we launched Project Argus, a 30-day “monitoring challenge” to improve visibility of key performance indicators (KPIs) across our technology stack prior to our peak retail season (in Greek Mythology, Argus is a 100-eyed giant). This effort was structured as a mix between a FlashBuild and agile. We used two day sprints, twice a day stand-ups, and feature tracking through Kanban boards. Quickly in this effort we decided to build our product as monitoring-as-code. Through the use of tools such as GitHub, Chef, Kitchen, Jenkins, and Ruby, we were able to quickly build several monitoring and dashboard solutions for use...

Target FlashBuilds

At a couple of recent conferences around DevOps (MSP DevOps Days and DevOps Enterprise Summit), Heather Mickman and Ross Clanton from Target explained some high level concepts and actions we’re taking to break our mold of working on complex problems. When presented with an opportunity to work differently and challenge our normal delivery of IT assets - from plan to decommission - what would that look like?

Target Joins the W3C

Tuesday, October 14th 2015, Target affirmed its commitment to technology and leadership in the retail space by joining the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). As a company that cares about delivering great experiences for customers, we realize those experiences are now steeped in technology. One way Target can have a significant impact on shaping technology is open engagement with other companies and organizations at the heart of emerging development - the W3C enables us to do just that.

Automating Cassandra

This past week, Target open-sourced our first project, a Chef cookbook for Apache Cassandra. This cookbook is the exact version we use to manage our production Cassandra environment. I want to go in to some more detail about how the cookbook is used and how we automate our Cassandra deployment.