Target Joins the W3C

Collaborating on the future of technology

Tuesday, October 14th 2015, Target affirmed its commitment to technology and leadership in the retail space by joining the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). As a company that cares about delivering great experiences for customers, we realize those experiences are now steeped in technology. One way Target can have a significant impact on shaping technology is open engagement with other companies and organizations at the heart of emerging development - the W3C enables us to do just that.

So you joined - now what?

There are so many areas of technology important to retail and associated businesses. Initially, we’re interested in engaging with tech leaders, businesses, and organizations on web services, location-based content distribution (iBeacons, smart stores, etc.), and the Internet of Things. Through open dialogue and collaborative work in the W3C, we seek to push these areas of technology forward to enable new and better experiences for our customers.

More to come soon!

This is just the beginning. As an organization we will be engaging with the developer community in new and different ways, proposing ideas on the technologies that matter to us, and providing feedback of our progress. Now let’s get to work!