Context and Problem Statement

General overview and background leading to the ConsenSource problem statement

In today’s ever changing digital environment, companies are continually challenged with keeping accurate records. This ongoing record and data maintenance challenge is true across many facets of business, including keeping accurate records of certifications and audits related to supply chains for products and their raw materials. Even when these records are being provided via a website or some other electronic mechanism, they generally are not provided with the customer and recipient of those records in mind, making the ability to keep up to date and accurate records difficult, if not impossible. Additionally, every system of record has a different way of providing access, which forces those looking for the information to have a different approach for each source.

Meaning, the often antiquated and outdated way that certification records are provided to others creates an ever increasing challenge and risk to brands and retailers who not only desire and rely on accurate information, but also find this information critically important to their business. Ultimately, the increasing push for transparency from brands and retailers as well as an increasingly high expectation from consumers is why we believe a change in how this information is captured and shared needs to be made on a broad scale. ConsenSource aims to solve this problem.

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